The Mischief Sisters are Media industry heavyweights - quite literally, they hit middle age and piled it on.

Marion ‘Maz’ Farrelly & Alison Black are chalk & cheese. 

In the chalk corner, ALISON BLACK- you know those blue chip documentaries you watch that change Government policy, start national conversations & help shape society, Alison makes those.

In the stinky cheese corner, MAZ FARRELLY- you know those ratings juggernauts responsible for the demise of society, that you watch and shout at the telly ‘there is nothing on the TV but that REALITY shite’ – Maz makes that reality shite.   

Between them, they’ve got it covered.

They’re called The Mischief Sisters because they run hugely successful innovative & slightly crazy motivational mischievous masterclasses that takes you from concept and format development through to the perfect pitch. From Life’s A Pitch to Fully Developed they bring 70 years of high end media experience in three continents, and have supervised budgets in the hundreds of million of dollars.

Plus they develop successful returnable, repeatable formats – for television, for online, for social media.