The Masterclasses

Research and Development

  • Why should your show / film exist? What is your USP?
  • Who is it for?  Why will they watch it?  Why will they come back? Why will your client buy it?
  • If you are creating a round peg for a square hole you can try all you like but it won’t fit
  • Learn how to research and develop killer returnable, repeatable formats and ideas


  • You may have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t pitch & deliver it, you’re dead in the water
  • If you want to win new business, get a new job, promotion, an idea over the line, or funding, you HAVE to pitch like a pro

The Art of Interview

  • It’s no exaggeration to state that good interviewers can save a production days in record time and tens of thousands of dollars in crew time
  • Learn how to ask killer questions that get you the answers you want the way you want them
  • learn this and you will be employable for the rest of your TV life

Getting it across the line - closing the deal

  • You might be hearing “yes we like it” but it’s like dating -  it’s not a deal without the paperwork. So many projects fall over at the final hurdle. If you want to get your idea green lit we can you an unfair advantage.


Individual mentoring, private development

  • If a group session is not your thing, or you want to explore to go deeper, we’re happy to talk one on one
  • Rates on application



  • Coming soon….

Participants at one of our masterclasses

Participants at one of our masterclasses