"I have worked in production of formats with Marion Farrelly for over 20 years and she is a visionary and industry leader, a true creatives who has the breadth of experience to take the familiar make it feel fresh relevant relatable and above all capture the imaginations of millions." - PAUL HARDY - CREATIVE DIRECTOR - INTERNATIONAL FORMATS & DEVELOPMENT - A + E

"Overwhelming feedback from every participant that your session was a game changer.  I will not cease in my mantra of what inspired assets you are to the industry". NATALIE APOSTOLOU - MANAGER CONTENT & COMMUNICATIONS, EVENT PROGRAMMER - SCREEN PRODUCERS, AUSTRALIA

"Need a course to reawaken your creative passion like a taser gun to your privates?  Attend the Two Day Course - Life's A Pitch (Bitching at Pitching)" - ANTHONY COSTANZO

I can't remember the last time I attended a workshop where prime nuggets of gold came with every shake of the sieve.  - L.S. SYDNEY

Maz and Alison know how to zero in on the key selling points of a concept, and exactly how to shape it for a broad commercial TV audience." M.G.

"They opened the eyes of our practitioners to the possibilities of returnable, repeatable formats and gave them the skills and confidence to pitch to broadcasters - inspirational and effective." JANE STAPLETON, INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, SCREEN AUSTRALIA

"The Masterclass was very professional and their combined knowledge was outstanding. Both the ladies were fabulous! And some of the anecdotes were hilarious." BRIDGET MAY, NORA & RD PRODUCTIONS

"Marion Farrelly and Alison Black bring significant international experience and a breadth of knowledge to their work. They are incredibly generous sharing their skills and knowledge". WENDY GRAY, HEAD OF AFTRS OPEN

"Honest, engaging and entertaining, powerhouse team Marion Farrelly and Alison Black stop at nothing to deliver insight into the minds of television network commissioners. For anyone entering or interested in the television marketplace, this workshop delivers the essentials." LEANNE

"We have absolutely loved collaborating with Maz and truly value her feedback, ideas and expertise. She is sassy, professional, loyal and an inspiration to us as females in the creative industry. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be working with someone of her caliber.  LANA, MADISON, SHAE-LEE - SKETCHSHE

"Right on message, they engaged the participants through activities, very funny anecdotes, helpful one-on-one feedback, forcing us to get out of our comfort zone and practice pitches was VERY helpful. So encouraging H.B