"I can't remember the last time I attended a workshop where prime nuggets of gold came with every shake of the sieve. 

In my experience of the film and television industry it's not always the case that the best and finest reach the top. More often than not the old adages 'being in the right place at the right time', 'it all boils down to luck', and the timeless classic, 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' ring true.

Not so with Maz and Alison, they may well have had their share of good fortune, I don't know, but there's no doubt they're at the top of their game because they deserve to be there. 

To date, I have had very little interest in a career in television - I don't watch it. I expected to go along as an observer, to take any pointers away I could use as a filmmaker. 

But within the first 15 minutes of the workshop, I was engaged, I wrote notes feverishly, I laughed, I pondered, I questioned - and those question were answered with the confidence and skill of dyed in the wool masters of their craft.

If a workshop should be food for thought, Maz and Alison serve up a banquet. If they're ever in town again, I'll be there front and centre. And yes, I'm sorely tempted to develop my original film concept into a TV format documentary, and that's something I could never have imagined crossing my mind. 

— A convert (L.S.)


“Getting the low down from two of the nation’s most dynamic television women was brilliant beyond words - entertaining, informative, insightful. A must do.”

— Emma

"Honest, engaging and entertaining, powerhouse team Marion Farrelly and Alison Black stop at nothing to deliver insight into the minds of television network commissioners. 

Together they facilitate a supportive group dynamic, allowing space for each workshop participant to identify their project’s unique selling point and develop a pitching strategy. For anyone entering or interested in the television marketplace, this workshop delivers the essentials."

— Leanne

"Working with such renowned industry members such as Alison and Maz has given our industry a fantastic opportunity that they would not normally have access to. 

The Masterclass was very professional and their combined knowledge was outstanding. Both the ladies were fabulous! And some of the anecdotes were hilarious.  It is great to have people of that statue being able to talk about all aspect of developing and pitching projects."

— Bridget

"I thought this was a fabulous workshop! It was very professional and industry based.

The presenters were always right on message, they engaged the participants through activities, very funny anecdotes, helpful one-on-one feedback, forcing us to get out of our comfort zone and practice pitches was VERY helpful as well as distilling down the main points of our pitch/ideas.  They were so encouraging and this sort of reflection on my project and ideas was just what I need at this time in my career."

— H.B.


Maz and Alison know how to zero in on the key selling points of a concept, and exactly how to shape it for a broad commercial TV audience."

— M.G.